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Liu Dongsheng
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 Liu Dongsheng
CAS Academician

Honorary director of Earth Environment Institute  
Office term: 19992008


     Liu Dongsheng 1917-2008, honorary director of the earth environment institute at the beginning of its establishment in1999; research fellow with CAS Geologic and Geo-physics Institute;  academician with CAS; academician with the Third World Academy of Sciences  and academician with Eurasian Academy of Sciences. Graduated from the Department of geologic geographic meteorology of the Southwest United University in 1942, held position of Director and Honorary Director of China Quaternary Research Committee; Chairman of INQUA, Director of CAS Environmental Committee, Head of the State Council Environmental Consultants Group, Director of China Science & Technology Museum, Secretary of the secretariate China Associate of Science and Technology, member of the 6th-7th Standing Committee of NPC and member of the 5th CPPCC.  Academician Liu Dongsheng, an internationally famous Quaternary geologist, environmentalist and scientist of high mountains and polar region, traveled across the whole China, came personally to the three poles on the earth (South Pole, North Pole, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau ), chaired multiple major scientific surveying activities, major research projects and important international cooperation projects, published about 300 papers, wrote near 10 monographs, completed 14-volume scientific surveying reports as editor-in-chief, compiled and translated two textbooks for postgraduates and 11 paper collections, was the editor-in-chief of journals of Quaternary Research, Polar Research and Environment Journal, etc. He made achievements attracting worldwide attention in multiple research fields, particularly in research of loess. He won National top award for science and technology 2003,  International Tyler Award 2002 (“Nobel Prize” in environmental science field), National Award for Natural Science Class I and Class II, National Award for Scientific and Technological Progress Class II, CAS Award for Natural Sciences Supper-class and Class I, State Oceanic Administration, Tan Kah Kee Award for Natural Sciences,  Ho Leung Ho Lee Award for Scientific and Technological Progress, Zhu Kezhen Award for Field Scientific Surveying, Honorary Li Siguang Award for Geologic Science, China Award for Green Science and Technology at super-class golden level, etc.

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