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Guo Zhentang
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Guo Zhengtang  Research Fellow
The second-session director of the Earth Environment Institute
Office term: 2002

    Guo Zhengtang, doctor,  research fellow; born in Ying County, Shanxi in 1964; graduated from the Department of Geography Peking University in 1983, majoring in geomorphology and Quaternary geology and with Bachelor degree granted; won Master degree from the Quaternary School of University Bordeaux, France in 1985 and Ph. D from  the Department of Environmental Geology of Paris Marie Curie University, France in 1990Soil Science.
    Since 1991 he began to do post-doctoral research in Geologic Institute, CAS and retained to work in the Institute after the program. In 1993 he was promoted to associate research fellow, in 1996 research fellow and in 1997 won support of National Fund for Outstanding Youth Scientists. He in succession held the positions of Assistant Director of Geologic Institute, CAS, Director of the Neozoic Geologic and Environmental Research Department
Geologic and Geo-physics Institute, CAS, Director o
f Earth Environment Institute, CAS, Vice Chairman of Ancient Climate Committee of INQUA, member of  PAGES scientific guiding committee of International Geo-sphere- Biosphere Program (IGBP) and one of person-in-charges of “PEP-II” international project.
    At present he holds the positions of head of Ancient Global Change Working Group of Chinese Committee of Global Change, vice-director member of Quaternary Geologic Speciality committee of Chinese Geologic Association, vice secretary-general of Chinese Committee of  Quaternary Research, vice editor-in-chief of Chinese Science Bulletin and vice editor-in-chief of Quaternary Research.
    Director of Earth Environment Institute, CAS during 2002


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