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The International Training Program on Climate and Environmental Change along the Belt and Road
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  Theme: Climate and environmental change along the Belt and Road

  Description: The training course utilizes the research strength and facilities of the Institute of Earth Environment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, providing scientific and technological outreach for countries along the Belt and Road and developing countries, cultivates scientific and technological talents for countries within the frame, and promotes scientific and educational cooperation.

  Training content:

  1. Application of various methods in regional ecological environment change research

  2. Research on regional environmental pollution prevention and restoration technology and countermeasures

  3. Quaternary geology

  4. Dendroclimatology

  5. Cave stalactites and global change

  6. Eolian deposits and global change

  7. Lake environment and process research

  8. Groundwater and environmental science

  9. Coral/Tridacna and marine environmental change

  10. Accelerator mass spectrometry technology and its application in climate and environmental change research

  11. Numerical simulation of climate change

  Field trip:

  1. Field investigation and sampling training of tree rings

  2. Field investigation of Zhashui karst cave

  3. Field investigation and sample collection training of Luochuan loess section

  4. Field trip to national observation and research station of earth critical zone on the loess plateau in Shaanxi and national observation and research station of regional ecological environment change and comprehensive management in the Guanzhong plain, Shaanxi

  Objectives: Responding to the Belt and Road initiative, the training program aims to improve the research capability of early career researchers from countries along the Belt and Road and developing countries in the field of climate and environmental change, build joint international scientific and technological teams in the field of climate and environmental change, and facilitate exchange and communication among people of these countries.

  Participants (by invitation):

  Young researchers engaged in climate and environmental change studies in universities and research institutes of countries along the Belt and Road and developing countries, with specific requirements as follows:

  1. Age under 40 years old;

  2. Engaged in climate-environmental research field for more than 2 years;

  3. Postgraduates need to provide letters of consent and recommendation letters from their supervisors;

  4. Good health, no infectious diseases;

  5. Proficient in listening, speaking, reading, writing for Chinese or English;

  6. Competent in climate-environmental study, relevant proof is required such as published articles or thesis;

  7. Invitation is not extended to dependent or family members ;

  8. Friendly to China, during the training period in China, abide by relevant laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, respect Chinese customs.

  Duration: September 12-25, 2023.

  Location: Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China.

  Lecturers: Established scholars focused on climate-environmental change research, from Institute of Earth Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) or renowned universities and research institutes in China.

  Expenses: All travel expenses, including round-trip airfare to China, local transport and accommodation, meals, and insurance expenses within China are provided to accepted participants.

  Registration deadline: July 10th 2023.

  Registration and queries please send to:

  Prof. Liangcheng Tan: tanlch@ieecas.cn

  Mrs. Yaqin Wang: wangyaqin@ieecas.cn

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