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Academic Report on 2015-1-22: AMS at ANSTO- techniques and applications
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Academic Report on 2015-1-22: AMS at ANSTO- techniques and applications

Subject: AMS at ANSTO – techniques and applications

Speaker: Dr. David Fink


Brief introduction to the speaker:

David Fink is a Principal Research Scientist at ANSTO with 25 years’ experience in Accelerator Mass Spectrometry. Prior to arriving at ANSTO in 1990, his previous research at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, focused on applications of 10Be, 26Al and 41Ca to study lunar soils, meteorites, solar cosmic rays, and fossil bone dating. From 1990-1996 he was instrumental in design and construction of the ANTARES AMS Facility at ANSTO based on the 10MV tandem accelerator to provide high-precision measurements of radiocarbon samples. Today this facility can deliver high throughput 14C data at world's best precision of 0.3% and for sample sizes less than 50 micrograms for radiocarbon dating and tracing in the fields of geochronology, paleo-climate change, environmental science and biomedicine. Following these developments he turned his attention to expanding the capabilities of ANTARES AMS to measurement of 10Be and 26Al in the field of in-situ cosmogenic exposure age dating with applications to glacial geochronology, geomorphology and landscape evolution. He has published over 100 papers, co-authored the first AMS textbook, is a referee for major research bodies (ARC, NSF(USA), and AINSE), and is internationally recognised as an expert on AMS methods and AMS earth science applications.

Time3:00PM, Jan. 22, 2015

VenueRoom  A100, Xi’an AMS Center


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