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Academic Report on 2018-5-22
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Academic Report on 2018-5-22 


1.    Subject: The geochemistry of boron in soils: development of a hybrid paleo-CO2 proxy and application to an Eocene hyperthermal event 

ReporterDr. Daniel Breecker 

Brief introduction 

Daniel Breecker, Associate Professor of the university of Texas at Austin, is interested in pursuing a process-based understanding of the critical zone with a focus on the formation of calcium carbonates in soils and caves and the stabilization of organic carbon in soils. Goals include improving and developing paleoclimate proxies and better understanding changes in climate and the carbon cycle across a range of timescales. 


2.    Subject: Development and Application of a High-Resolution Regional Earth System Model 

    ReporterDr. Zong-Liang Yang 

Brief introduction 

Zong-Liang Yang is a professor of the university of Texas at Austinhis primary research interest is to understand the exchanges of momentum, radiation, heat, water, carbon dioxide, and other materials between the atmosphere and the Earth surface spanning from small (short) to very large (long) scales. His publications include more than 80 peer-reviewed articles, in addition to more than 100 conference proceedings papers, research reports and presentations abstracts. Dr. Yang is the Principal Investigator of federal projects funded by NSF, EPA, NASA and NOAA. Dr. Yang's general research interests include: Global Change; Climate Modeling; Land-Surface Modeling; Snow Hydrology; Runoff; North American Monsoon; Interaction of Terrestrial and Atmospheric Hydrological Processes; Flood and Drought; Remote Sensing; Biogenic VOC Emissions and Air Quality. 


3.    Subject: Cenozoic climate as a driver of avian evolution: emerging patterns and open questions  

ReporterDr. Julia Clarke 

Brief introduction 

Julia Clarke is a Professor and John A. Wilson Fellow in Vertebrate Paleontology in the Jackson School of Geosciences. Her research focuses on using phylogenetic methods and diverse data types to gain insight into the evolution of birds, avian flight and the co-option of the flight stroke for underwater diving. She is particularly interested in understanding shared patterns and potential causal factors in the evolution of living bird lineages.  


Time10:10, May, 22th, 2018  

VenueRoom  300   


Welcome to join us! 



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