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Ecology and Environment Division
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Ecology and Environment Division focuses on important environmental problem in earth critical zone at regional scale for supporting regional social-economic sustainable development, including: process, mechanism and sustainability of regional eco-environment process; and theory, method, model and effect of environmental remediation, especially for environmental pollution control.

Research Scopes:

1. Response, adapting and countermeasures of regional ecology and environment for global environment change

Under global change background, effect and feedback of carbon, nitrogen and water cycle in terrestrial ecosystem, and response and adapting of biology process for climate change should be investigated. Meanwhile, influence of climate change for fragile ecosystem in northwest of China should be evaluated.

2. Evolution, mechanism and countermeasures of environment in Loess Plateau

Ecological environment of Loess Plateau is fragile. Interactions and contribution between human and natural processes should be distinguished for environmental evolution of Loess Plateau. Science law on environmental evolution of Loess Plateau should be researched and countermeasures for sustainable development of Loess Plateau would be proposed.

3. Regional environmental pollution controlling and environmental remediation

The mineral resources in Shaanxi province are abundant, but regional environmental pollution in north of Shaanxi and Qin ling mountain area is serious due to development and utilization of mineral resources. The ecological health effect, soil and water pollution controlling and environmental remediation in these areas should be researched. Meanwhile, countermeasures for sustainable development based on regional pollution controlling would be proposed

4. Countermeasures of regional resources sustainable utilization

Interaction of soil &water utilization and ecological environment is investigated for water loss and soil erosion on Loess Plateau, wetland shrinking and grass land degradation on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and so on. Harmonious water-ecology-economy model for resource sustainable utilization would be constructed.

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