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Historical Climate Change Lab
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Historical Climate Change Lab  

Brief description:
Historical Climate Change Lab mainly focuses on climate change and culture evolution during prehistorical and historical time periods. It is directed by Prof. Liangcheng Tan now. The faculty and students of this lab have achieved a batch of academic achievements since 2008. A series of scientific research papers have been published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Quaternary Science Reviews, Climate Dynamics, Scientific Reports and so on. Some studies were selected as the Research Highlights of Nature Asia and Science Foundation in China. The Lab’s works also received broaden media coverage by BBC and New York Times, etc. In the last decade, Historical Climate Change Lab have collaborated with various scientific centers in the world, including Isotope Lab in University of Minnesota; Institute of Geography, Heidelberg University, Water Research Center of University of Texas at San Antonio, Department for Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge, etc.

The main mission of Historical Climate Change Lab is to reveal the characteristics, periodicities and mechanisms of regional climate changes during prehistorical and historical periods by using geological and historical achieves, and study the hydrological responses, social impacts of extreme events, predicting future climate change.

 Liangcheng Tan (Professor)
JianghuLan (Associate Professor)
Dong Li (PhD Student)
Peipei Zhao (former Student)
Tianli Wang (Master Student)
Xiqian Wang (Master Student)
Fangyuan Lin (Master Student)
Yanzhen Li (Research Assistant)
JingjieZang (Research Assistant)

Contact Information:
Prof. Liangcheng Tan
Tel: +86 29 62336228
E-mail: tanlch@ieecas.cn

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Before 2008
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